Ed Graves, originally from Bath, England started Spanish guitar lessons at the age of 7; he was later encouraged and inspired to pursue various aspects within the musical world, from writing and production to performing as an artist. Going back and forth between acoustic and electric guitar, Ed has drawn inspiration from many places around the world that has led him to compose for orchestras, produce records and play in pop groups and rock bands. Having achieved a degree from Berklee College of Music with great honours, he now continues his career in New York City where he resides as of August 2016. Ed has recorded guitar on releases from bands such as alt-J and Chaz French. Some experiences include a recording session set up by the Red Bull Music Academy whereas on the live performance front, accompanying the Boston Pops and opening for Maroon 5 and Journey.


Chaz French - “Questions” of Album, “These Things Take Time” Maxed at top 18 on iTunes US Hip-Hop/Rap Albums

Alt-J – “Every Other Freckle – Daytrip Remix” (approx. 2m plays)

Sounds of Youngarts - “Untouchable - Migrant Motel”

Daytrip – “Flight 43”

Daytrip – “The Escape”

Daytrip – “40 Watt – El El Remix”

Migrant Motel – “Neon Love” & “Blackout in the Stadium”

Migrant Motel – “This is a Working Vinyl” (EP 2014) (performed, arranged, co-production)

Migrant Motel – “DSJR” (EP 2013)

Evolver – “Sci-Fi Queen” (EP 2012)